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Natural Marbles vs Vitrified tiles

As in every interior material you have a choice of natural stone and artificial material like vitrified tiles. If you are confused between marble and vitrified tiles; as both look absolutely... Read more

Types of curtains you might not have seen before

Normally when it comes to decking your home, the priority is given to things like sofa , table etc . But curtains hold a great importance in enhancing the appeal of the interior , and hence ... Read more

7 Exquisite types of natural stone finishes

  Natural Stones are quarried from the earth as solid blocks, and are cut into slabs to suit interior and exterior application. Before stones are applied, the  surface is processed in m... Read more

Metallic wall decor trends using tiles

So far ceramic tiles have been de-facto choice for surface covering and wall decor in bathrooms specially. In recent times, interior designers have begun to explore and experiment more creat... Read more

All tiles types for wall and floor explained

In this post we have covered basic information about all tiles types  Cement tiles This is one the oldest types of flooring tiles in use. It is made of , as name suggests, cement. Such tiles... Read more

Vitrified tiles vs Wooden flooring

Many consumers are confused about choosing flooring for their dream home. Whether to choose vitrified tiles or to choose wooden flooring. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages... Read more

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